Monday 5 September 2016
Corda INCubator, Hasselt (Belgium)
StartupBus Europe 2016 Demo Day
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StartupBus Europe 2016 Demo Day

If a picture is worth a 1 000 words, then a demo is 10 000.
After every competition our newborn startups demo their products to a specially invited set of people.

Demo Day

Seven buses from all over Europe will have been driving for 72 hours when they arrive at the Corda INCubator in Hasselt on Monday 5 September 2016. Who's on board? More than a hundred software developers, designers and hustlers conceiving, building and launching new startups.
On Monday 5 September 2016 these startups will demo their product in the semi-finals at the amazing Corda INCubator in Hasselt (Belgium). The ten best startups then go on to pitch in the StartupBus finals at the invite-only Pirate Summit in Cologne (Germany).

We've invited several investors to give feedback about the startups. If you feel you should be there as well, then please request an invite.


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Destination partner

Destination partner
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Semi finals partner
About StartupBus Europe

StartupBus Europe 2016 is one of three annual competitions of StartupBus. The first European StartupBus drove from Amsterdam to LeWeb back in 2011.

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