StartupBus UK
2 — 7 September 2016
London, UK → Cologne, Germany


The UK Connection

25 hackers, 4 days, 6 cities. The UK bus experience a journey to create unbelievable startups and unite the European Startup Ecosystem! That's 1,000 miles of road to conceive, build and launch a startup!

At every stop we will be co-hosting incredible events in top co-working spaces around Europe, and we will have the top entrepreneurs from each local startup community attending. The Grand Finale will be hosted at Pirate Summit in Cologne -- the craziest, invitation-only early-stage startup event in Europe!

StartupBus UK

We're looking for 3 kinds of talent


In this amazing journey, you'll meet awesome people and learn new skills. Not only will the experience open the portal to our European-wide community of developers, designers, hustlers and all round startup lovers, but you'll also grow your direct network and open doors to a whole host of new ideas and opportunities!

The Route

Bus Route


11h CET: all buses depart!

After departure, each buspreneur will get the mic to pitch the ideas he wants to work on during the bootcamp. Once everyone has pitched their ideas, teams are formed around the most popular ideas on each bus.

Teams start to think about the problem they want to solve and about how they want to solve it.

Teams have to be fast because the bus is crossing the continent and stops in cities where the teams have to pitch their idea.

Day 2 of the StartupBus bootcamp.

We'll see startups having trouble defining their vision and mission, while other startups are moving fast and are doing customer validation during the stops.

Wireframes are being drawn by the UX designers on board and the developers start working on their prototypes.

The last 24 hours of the bootcamp...

Sleep deprivation is kicking in. Some hustlers are getting tired of their own pitch while others keep on iterating to find something that sticks. They desperately want to achieve what happened on the 2015 New York bus: finding a seed investor and having to go into stealth mode.

Developers and designers are working non-stop on getting their prototypes to work on their mobile phones or in the cloud.

At 11h CET it's the end of the 72 hours: demo time for all startups born on the participating buses, at Corda INCubator in Hasselt.

All day long every startup gets 3 minutes the opportunity to demo their product and show what traction they have achieved. What startups actually closed some sales?

Corda INCubator in Hasselt, Belgium

The jury selects the 10 best demos and buspreneurs can network on the Corda Campus in Hasselt. In the evening all buses drive to Cologne and the buspreneurs help the 10 best startups with improving their demos.

Day 1 of Pirate Summit, Europe's craziest startup conference. 1200 carefully selected attendees, of which 200 investors, and among them 120 buspreneurs.

In the morning 10 startups of StartupBus get the chance to pitch their startup on stage.

When the night comes it's time to see the burning man. Party time!

Day 2 of Pirate Summit.

Time to say goodbye to your new BFF's! Even though it's a goodbye, the buspreneurs now become part of a global network of thousands of StartupBus alumni that have gone on to change the world.

Meet The Team

A bus doesn't organise itself.
That's why we found a kick-ass team!
Donald Whyte

Developer /
hackathon vet

Donald Whyte
Bianca Furtuna

Evangelist /
machine learning

Bianca Furtuna
Tina Gogna

Big data analyst /
coding instructor

Tina Gogna
Check out this press release from the 2014 UK bus.

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  • Roadtrip (2-5 September)
  • Technical and Business Coaching
  • International Networking Events
  • Pirate Summit Ticket (6-7 September)
  • Accommodation
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