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Our 2015 competition has ended. Here’s the summary of what happened.

29 AUG – 02 SEP 2015

Destination: Pirate Summit

Pirate Summit 2015 Logo


Startup Warm Hands of StartupBus Germany won the finals of the StartupBus Europe 2015 competition. This is their mission:

Giving refugees the chance to start a new life and elderly people to continue theirs at home.
Achieving this by connecting elderly people living in their house with educated refugees seeking to integrate into society. Elderly people are able to stay in their house, gaining quality of life and safety by having companionship and help at home. In return, refugee families greatly improve their living conditions and are able to integrate into society.

StartupBus Europe 2015 Winners Warm Hands

Congratulations are also well deserved to the runner-ups BetOn (from the Estonian bus) and PowerCouple (of the UK bus). All three teams got to pitch in Pirate Summit’s Walk The Plank pitching competition finals. Warm Hands also accepted the invitation to the Allianz Digital Accelerator in Munich for a 3 month incubation.

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