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StartupBus Netherlands is back after a year of hiding. Joining forces with the brave Vikings from December 2012, this bus aims to once again set the standard for just how much can be done on the bus. With an experienced production team and the longest route of all, this bus is guaranteed to be a life changing road trip for all who participate.

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With 5 producers representing 5 countries and the bus calling into 8 cities in 5 countries over 5 days, this bus will offer a truly exhilarating opportunity to test one's business against the most diverse of environments. Having a tech team dedicated to your success and producers always ready to offer an energy drink or Smood bag, you might even find that the time on the highway will be the most productive of the whole year.

With stops in Antwerp, Cologne, Berlin, Prague, and Munich, a wide range of startup ecosystems will be sampled and we'll all get to appreciate the distinct features of the up-and-coming as well as more mature eco-systems. Customer validation with people in each city sharpens the idea, while pitching mentors sharpens the business – we're taking the long road and success is our destination.

This year StartupBus Netherlands consists of a bus from Snelle Vliet which will drive us through Europe. Snelle Vliet hosted the bus in 2011 at the first StartupBus Europe as well. They are awesome! Great drivers, great bus, lots of rooms to work and party.

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This bus has the longest route and the most venues it will address. Therefor it has a very extensive timetable with lots of awesome places you will see if you participate to this bus.
We know how some of you really want to know what we are going to do this year.
Some things are open to everyone and some things remain a secret.
You will just have to wait and see when we start at October 27th.

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Sponsors are very important for a bus. Without them StartupBus wouldn't exist. The Netherlands bus is looking for more sponsors to help them help sponsors.
We love cooperating with sponsors to give them great value out of the StartupBus network.

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Mike van Hoenselaar Mike van Hoenselaar Conductor Revenue Benelux Bus 2013 + Producer Internet & IT facebook linkedin twitter
Hans van Gent Hans van Gent Conductor Operations Netherlands and Internet & IT Producer Europe facebook linkedin twitter website
Magnus Petersen-Paaske Magnus Petersen-Paaske Producer Netherlands facebook linkedin twitter website
Vidar Andersen Vidar Andersen Producer facebook linkedin twitter

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Niek van der Voort Niek van der Voort
Bram Van Oost Bram Van Oost
Annemieke Koster Annemieke Koster
Charles-Axel Pauwels Charles-Axel Pauwels facebook linkedin twitter
Erwin Klerks Erwin Klerks
Haseeb Tariq Haseeb Tariq
Jakob Hager Jakob Hager
Julie Donders Julie Donders
Mahoney Turnbull Mahoney Turnbull
Mayank Yadav Mayank Yadav twitter
Menno Wildeboer Menno Wildeboer
Michael Healy Michael Healy facebook twitter
Patrick Cohen Patrick Cohen
Purcy Marte Purcy Marte
Tijs Vrolix Tijs Vrolix
Tom Van Mierlo Tom Van Mierlo
David Asabina David Asabina
Wout Laban Wout Laban
Martin Raak Martin Raak facebook linkedin twitter
Rait Arro Rait Arro Conductor at StartupBus Europe, Estonia 2014 facebook linkedin twitter
Kristina Wilms Kristina Wilms

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  • Kick-Off on Saturday is awesome to meet your fellow buspreneurs before the bus starts
  • Costs € 150
  • Food and drinks are mostly sponsored by our great sponsors, but make sure you have another € 100 euro in your pocket for food and drinks.
  • Where you sleep is secret still. We keep you posted. You have to pay that for yourself. Its between 20-35 euro a night. We will find a place to sleep for you, you have to pay for the room. The reason for us looking for the best place is because of the fact that everybody have to stay together. We are on a tight schedule while we are on the bus.
  • So the night(s) in Amsterdam before we depart, but also the night(s) after we arrive in Vienna are for yourself. AirBnB is a wonderful way to get a room for less. As organizers we use this service as well to get our apartments in Amsterdam and Vienna. All the other locations we will take care of. So you don't have to take care of a room or place at 27th, 28th, 29th and the 30th. If you don't stay in Vienna after StartupBus then you don't have to take care of a room at all. You can get back the 31st.
  • You can get a Pioneers Festival ticket with a discount. Receive up to 85% discount on a ticket. Every ticket is now € 100 instead of € 600. More information at: Pioneers Festival Travel guide


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